Vija & Alistair – Cliff Top Elopement – Cornwall

This wedding blew my mind. Married on a cliff top, gold shoes, two beautiful souls? Fuck yes.

When Lucy Turnball asked me to second shoot for her it was an obvious yes. She is lush. Birkenstocks, DMs, good taste…my kinda lady.

So being brutally honest, I had literally passed my driving test a matter of days before this wedding and had to drive to cornwall UNAIDED!!! My partner literally shat himself but I bloody loved it ha. So, I made it. And thank god as this wedding was a DREAM.

Vija and Alistair chose the St Moritz hotel to get ready in and for the legal bit. This place backs on to the most stunning open space right on the cliff side which played a huge part in Alistair’s upbringing and therefore had huge sentimental value. So I arrived at bridal prep and was greeted with coffee and a hive of energy. It was wonderful! They had a gorgeous archway laced with tuelle and flowers. The sky was beautifully moody and the wind was fierce. It was utterly divine.

After dinner, we took a walk done to the cliff edge, Vija did amazingly in her heels, I was in flats and nearly fell multiple times and she just elegantly meandered down! Drinks in tow, they glowed with post ceremony loveliness and they had a a short while alone (bar me and lucy!) to take stock and embrace what had just happened.

Can everyday be a wedding day please?

Hit me up if you fancy having me as your photographer!

Love love.

C x

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