So on the 5th April this year I packed my rather oversized suitcase (obv.) and headed to Exeter Services. Croissant consumed and coffee in hand, I was ready. I was travelling to Snowdonia to meet some lovely and like minded people at the Two Honest Creative Day in Snowdonia.

I stayed in the beautiful dinky pod all by myself! – Other than waking up in the early hours to the door swinging open in the wind, I successfully completed this task!

It was such an amazing experience…I seriously was head over heels in the feeling of being surrounded by people from different parts of the UK who love this as much as I do! Weddings is OUR thang and I became so absorbed and inspired. I got to work alongside one of my all time photography crushes Carla Blain Photography and Love Luella.  It was utterly magical to be able to share our experiences and bounce ideas around.

We sat in a Yurt in the middle of nowhere and shared our business ideas, techniques, experiences and most of all our love for love birds. When you meet people who get as passionate as you about this kinda stuff, it is euphoric and is hard not to get super excited about the right now AND the future.

CREATIVITY – I got to get my creative swag on (my all time favourite thing to do) and FREE-LENSED the hell out of Snowdonia. See later Blog – FREE-LENSING

I can honestly say it has effected me and my business in such a positive way. BROADENING HORIZONS FOR THE WIN.


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