So wedding season is in full swing and the pre-wedding shoots are rolling in. They are such special moments. This is often the first time I actually get to meet my couples and it is just lush. It is a real chance to spend time together, get to know how we all work and what makes us tick. We get our flow going and the magic happens! Come the wedding, being photographed, strangely feels so


Posted by dogadmin on 17th April 2018

Ok, GAMECHANGER. So on the 5th April this year I packed my rather oversized suitcase (obv.) and headed to Exeter Services. Croissant consumed and coffee in hand, I was ready. I was travelling to Snowdonia to meet some lovely and like minded people at the Two Honest Creative Day in Snowdonia. I stayed in the beautiful dinky pod all by myself! РOther than waking up in the early hours to the door swinging open in the