Intimate I Authentic i Atmospheric i Story Teller

Ok, so This stuff makes me a little  uncomfortable!

So other than being a Wedding Photographer who is OBSESSED with her job, I am a Devon based girl with a love of the outdoors. I am most content when I am in the middle of the moors, surrounded by trees, windswept hair and camera in tow. Oh, and of course covered in mud and with a flask of coffee in hand.

Why Weddings?

I am at heart a big romantic, hence why weddings photography seem to be my thing. My job is my love. I can one day be editing away at home, then the next I am photographing one of the most emotive moments in a persons life. I get to see so many places and meet so many gorgeous people and I just adore it.

I live in a small village with my partner and three cats (basically children) and am soon to be married myself – I feel your pain with planning a wedding! I am based in South West England, I travel far and wide and love every minute of it.

During a wedding, I photograph the real, the close, the candid, those looks and laughs…I like to capture the unseen, document the day as it unfolds and tell the story through the images. I take a reportage style to my work, focusing on the raw emotions and appreciating the spontaneous moments that come and go so quickly.

To be honest, like most people, I get a bit fidgety being the other side of the camera…! I think that is the main reason why I am proud to say that I adopt a very unobtrusive, organic and authentic approach to my work.


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